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    Full-recharge sleep package

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    Full-recharge sleep package

    The full-recharge sleep package (find out your most effective product!)

    Discover and experience with the full-recharge sleep package which product best supports your sleep. CBD is a magical and very personal product, therefore each product has a different unique effect. With this package, you will find the product that suits you best and gives you the best results.

    In recent years, we have seen that customers who have the most success with our products, in order to sleep better again, really wanted to solve their problem.

    That means staying open to new products and experiences.

    Everybody is unique. Each product, each composition and even dosage is different for each person to achieve the desired result.

    Therefore, it is difficult to say, this product is going to make a difference for you. It is often a quest of trying, experiencing and then deciding.

    We always advise our customers to use our products with an open mind. Customers who follow this advice often quickly discover what CBD could do for their sleep and energy.

    This package offers a unique opportunity to discover what will work best for you.


    What does the full-recharge sleep package consist of?

    1x Knock out (5x shot)

    1x CBD Daily Balance (Active+ with curcumin)

    1x CBD Ultima Bio (Active+ with melatonin)

    1x CBD sleeping oil

    1x CBG dream oil

    1x CBD sleeping patches

    1x CBD lavender sleeping plasters

    1x Card with guidance/explanation on how to use the products to get the most out of the package.

    1x Free sleep mask


    How should I use the full-recharge sleep package?

    With the package you will receive a laminated card explaining:

    • With which product to start
    • How to use each product
    • How to find your personal and ideal dosage


    Brief explanation per product

    Situation dependent: Knock out — 5x good nights

    Knock out works on your natural GABA receptors that provide rest and relaxation in your body. This is one of our most popular products. After using it, customers report being more relaxed, having peaceful thoughts and sleeping better. Why is this situation dependent? On average, Knock Out is used twice a week to recharge if there is an exciting day ahead or if you have been unable to sleep for a few days.

    Usage: Take 1 bottle at a time. Due to its slow onset of action, we recommend using Knock Out 7 hours before your normal bedtime. As the evening progresses, you will find yourself slowly relaxing, languid and tired just as if you were naturally tired. What makes this product so unique is the rested awakening. No hangover-like feeling or a head full of cotton wool.


    Month one: CBG dream oil – 3% (300mg)

    CBG is also called the stem cell of all cannabinoids. CBG arises first in the plant and later, during the growth process, it changes into other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN etc.

    CBG is said to promote positive dreams and we regularly get this feedback from our customers.

    Our dream oil is a full-spectrum CBG oil and we believe that the CBG in your body is converted into the cannabinoid that your body needs at that moment.

    Use: Always shake well before use, 7-8 drops under the tongue before going to sleep, and leave for 120 seconds for optimal absorption.


    Month one/two: CBD Sleep Plasters – 24 pieces x 15mg (360mg)

    CBD patches are an effective and pleasant way to absorb CBD into your body, and avoid the vegetable taste of CBD in your mouth.

    CBD patches are regularly combined with the CBG dream oil. The patches can release CBD for up to 36 hours, so even while you sleep you can enjoy the magical effects of CBD.

    Application: Before going to sleep, stick a plaster on a non-haired area. Preferably, inside the upper arm. After attaching, press firmly.


    Month three: CBD sleeping oil – 5% (500mg)

    This CBD sleep oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil and has a unique, relaxing terpene profile. This oil has been specially developed to support sleep.

    Usage: Always shake well before use, 4-5 drops under the tongue before going to sleep. Leave for 120 seconds for optimal recording.


    Month three/four: CBD patches with lavender essential therapy – 30 pieces x 15mg (450mg)

    Traditionally, the lavender plant has been known to have a relaxing and calming effect. When the olfactory system detects the scent of lavender, you feel at peace. Lavender is calming, and soothing and helps with depression. This in combination with CBD makes this a mighty sleep/relaxation patch.

    Application: Before going to sleep, stick a plaster on a non-haired area. Preferably, inside the upper arm. After attaching, press firmly.


    Month five: Ultima Bio CBD with Melatonin – 2% (200mg)

    Ultima Bio is a water-soluble CBD with melatonin. Traditional CBD oil is only absorbed in 6-12%. The rest of the CBD is often burnt before it can make a difference. Due to our active+ formula, this water-soluble CBD is up to 10 times more effective and 100% absorbed. This CBD, therefore, has a high bioavailability.

    This 2% CBD is therefore comparable to a 20% CBD oil. Melatonin is also a perfect supplement for supporting sleep.

    UseAlways shake extra GOOD before use. When using it for the first time, press hard once to release the lock. Pump twice in a glass with water before going to bed. Stir and drink.


    Month six: Daily Balance CBD – 4% (400mg)

    Daily Balance CBD is a full-spectrum CBD rich in various terpenes. Curcumin is also added to promote overall health. Daily Balance is our most ordered CBD product across Europe along with Knock Out.

    Like Ultima Bio, this is a water-soluble CBD that is absorbed up to 10 times better than traditional CBD. However, this is 4%, which can therefore be compared to a 40% CBD oil.

    UseShake well before use. Start with 1 dose in a glass of water before bedtime.


    How long does the full-recharge sleep package last?

    Approximately 5-6 months. That amounts to EUR 35-29 per month to find the most effective product for your body, sleep and energy.


    Why order at SleepBD?

    1. A fast and good contact for questions or comments.
    2. Organic CBD products are close to nature and at a fair price.
    3. All our products are produced under ISO 22000 certification.
    4. Unique CBD products, in terms of absorption, effectiveness and terpene profile.
    5. Honest and personal advice on your situation.


    Do you have a guarantee?

    We guarantee that if you continue as you are now, there will be no change in the quality of your sleep and energy.

    We also guarantee that our products are organically grown and contain the greatest variety of relaxing terpenes as well as being unique in their effectiveness. Finally, we guarantee that you will not find the price/quality that we offer anywhere.



    If you have any questions, you can always email us or call us at hello@sleepbdofficial.com OR +31 6 149 860 71

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    CBD Àr en förkortning för cannabidiol. En av över 100+ naturligt förekommande cannabinoidföreningar som finns i marijuana och hampa.

    Du kÀnner förmodligen till THC, som Àr den mest kÀnda föreningen i marijuana.

    CBD, som Àr den nÀst vanligaste cannabinoiden i marijuana och den frÀmsta icke-psykoaktiva cannabinoiden som finns i hampa, har dock fÄtt stor uppmÀrksamhet i forskarvÀrlden och media pÄ grund av sina hÀlsofördelar.

    Till skillnad frÄn THC Àr CBD inte psykoaktivt. Med andra ord Àr det inte det som ger dig en hög eller stenad kÀnsla.

    Source 1.

    Kort och enkelt, nej.

    Studier har visat att Àven höga halter av CBD inte ger en hög eller stenad kÀnsla.

    Alla vÄra hampextraktprodukter Àr tillverkade av industrihampa med THC-nivÄer under 0,05 %. Det finns ingen berusande effekt av att ta vÄra produkter.

    Source 1.

    Ja, det Àr fortfarande sÀkert att köra bil. CBD pÄverkar inte din reaktionstid.

    En studie visar att det efter intag inte fanns nÄgon förvÀntad minskning av reaktionstiden hos de flesta testpersoner.

    Med tanke pÄ denna slutsats kan vi inte rekommendera denna produkt som ett lÀmpligt medel för att uppnÄ snabbare eller lÄngsammare reaktioner pÄ ett visuellt stimulus som sedan skulle kunna anvÀndas inom olika sporter eller vid bilkörning.


    En studie visar att det inte fanns nÄgon förvÀntad minskning av reaktionstiden hos de flesta försökspersoner efter intag.

    Med tanke pÄ denna slutsats kan vi inte rekommendera denna produkt som ett lÀmpligt medel för att uppnÄ snabbare eller lÄngsammare reaktioner pÄ ett visuellt stimulus som sedan skulle kunna anvÀndas inom olika sporter eller vid bilkörning.


    DÄ varje person Àr unik Àr det svÄrt att faststÀlla ett förutbestÀmt mÄtt som Àr perfekt för alla.

    För att ta reda pÄ vad rÀtt dos CBD Àr mÄste du helt enkelt börja ta det.

    Turligtvis Àr CBD helt sÀkert och kommer aldrig att orsaka farliga eller oönskade effekter vid överdosering. Men logiskt och ekonomiskt sett finns det ingen anledning att konsumera mer Àn nödvÀndigt.

    Den första dosen beror pÄ den valda produkten. Vi rekommenderar alltid att man börjar med den lÀgsta dos som anges pÄ etiketten. Detta ger den minsta mÀngd CBD som krÀvs för att uppleva de magiska effekterna av CBD.

    Inte sÀker pÄ vilket meddelande du ska ta?

    Vi ger dig gÀrna rÄd om alla vÄra CBD-produkter.

    Du kan kontakta oss hÀr, ringa oss pÄ +31 6 149 860 71 (vi talar nederlÀndska, engelska och tyska) eller skicka e-post till hello@sleepbdofficial.com dÀr vi kan svara pÄ frÄgor pÄ alla sprÄk.

    Som med alla Àmnen kan du ta mer CBD Àn vad din kropp klarar av. Studier visar att doser pÄ upp till 1 500 milligram per dag har tolererats vÀl, men varje person Àr olika.


    NÀr du tar en medicin eller annan substans mÄste din kropp metabolisera den, eller bryta ner den. LÀkemedelsmetabolismen sker i hela kroppen, t.ex. i tarmen, men levern gör ocksÄ en stor del av jobbet.

    En familj av enzymer som kallas cytochrome P450 (CYP450)Trusted Sourcegör det viktiga arbetet att omvandla frÀmmande Àmnen sÄ att de lÀtt kan elimineras frÄn kroppen.

    Men vissa lÀkemedel eller Àmnen pÄverkar CYP450, antingen genom att bromsa eller pÄskynda lÀkemedelsmetabolismen. Denna förÀndring i metaboliseringshastighet kan Àndra hur din kropp bearbetar de lÀkemedel eller kosttillskott du tar - dÀrav en lÀkemedelsinteraktion.

    Enzymfamiljen CYP450 Àr ansvarig för att metabolisera flera cannabinoider, inklusive CBD, forskningen visar. CYP3A4, ett viktigt enzym inom CYP450-familjen, utför denna uppgift. Men under denna process stör CBD ocksÄ CYP3A4.

    Enzymet CYP3A4 ansvarar för att metabolisera ca  60 procentav kliniskt förskrivna mediciner. Men om CBD hÀmmar CYP3A4 kan det inte fungera lika effektivt för att bryta ner medicinerna i ditt system.

    Det omvÀnda kan ocksÄ hÀnda. MÄnga lÀkemedel hÀmmar CYP3A4. Om du sedan tar CBD medan du stÄr pÄ dessa mediciner kan din kropp inte arbeta för att bearbeta CBD lika effektivt.

    Om din kropp metaboliserar ett lÀkemedel för lÄngsamt kan du ha mer lÀkemedel i ditt system vid ett tillfÀlle Àn vad som Àr avsett - Àven om du har hÄllit dig till din normala dos. En ökad nivÄ av ett lÀkemedel i ditt system kan överdriva dess effekter, inklusive oönskade eller skadliga biverkningar.

    Vissa Àmnen pÄskyndar ocksÄ CYP450-enzymfamiljens arbete. Om din kropp metaboliserar ett lÀkemedel för snabbt pÄ grund av att en annan substans inducerar enzymerna, kan det hÀnda att du inte har tillrÀckligt med lÀkemedel i ditt system samtidigt för att behandla ett hÀlsoproblem.

    Om du vill prova CBD som tillÀggsbehandling för att lindra symtomen pÄ ett visst tillstÄnd, prata med din lÀkare om det först.

    Och Àven om vÄra produkter uppfyller den federalt föreskrivna THC-grÀnsen pÄ 0,05 % THC i torrvikt finns det en liten chans att det kommer att synas, men det betyder att ett positivt test Àr möjligt.

    Drogtester Àr inte enhetliga, och THC-tröskeln som skulle ge ett positivt resultat Àr strÀngare i vissa tester Àn andra.

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