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    Full-recharge sleep package

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    Full-recharge sleep package

    The full-recharge sleep package (find out your most effective product!)

    Discover and experience with the full-recharge sleep package which product best supports your sleep. CBD is a magical and very personal product, therefore each product has a different unique effect. With this package, you will find the product that suits you best and gives you the best results.

    In recent years, we have seen that customers who have the most success with our products, in order to sleep better again, really wanted to solve their problem.

    That means staying open to new products and experiences.

    Everybody is unique. Each product, each composition and even dosage is different for each person to achieve the desired result.

    Therefore, it is difficult to say, this product is going to make a difference for you. It is often a quest of trying, experiencing and then deciding.

    We always advise our customers to use our products with an open mind. Customers who follow this advice often quickly discover what CBD could do for their sleep and energy.

    This package offers a unique opportunity to discover what will work best for you.


    What does the full-recharge sleep package consist of?

    1x Knock out (5x shot)

    1x CBD Daily Balance (Active+ with curcumin)

    1x CBD Ultima Bio (Active+ with melatonin)

    1x CBD sleeping oil

    1x CBG dream oil

    1x CBD sleeping patches

    1x CBD lavender sleeping plasters

    1x Card with guidance/explanation on how to use the products to get the most out of the package.

    1x Free sleep mask


    How should I use the full-recharge sleep package?

    With the package you will receive a laminated card explaining:

    • With which product to start
    • How to use each product
    • How to find your personal and ideal dosage


    Brief explanation per product

    Situation dependent: Knock out — 5x good nights

    Knock out works on your natural GABA receptors that provide rest and relaxation in your body. This is one of our most popular products. After using it, customers report being more relaxed, having peaceful thoughts and sleeping better. Why is this situation dependent? On average, Knock Out is used twice a week to recharge if there is an exciting day ahead or if you have been unable to sleep for a few days.

    Usage: Take 1 bottle at a time. Due to its slow onset of action, we recommend using Knock Out 7 hours before your normal bedtime. As the evening progresses, you will find yourself slowly relaxing, languid and tired just as if you were naturally tired. What makes this product so unique is the rested awakening. No hangover-like feeling or a head full of cotton wool.


    Month one: CBG dream oil – 3% (300mg)

    CBG is also called the stem cell of all cannabinoids. CBG arises first in the plant and later, during the growth process, it changes into other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN etc.

    CBG is said to promote positive dreams and we regularly get this feedback from our customers.

    Our dream oil is a full-spectrum CBG oil and we believe that the CBG in your body is converted into the cannabinoid that your body needs at that moment.

    Use: Always shake well before use, 7-8 drops under the tongue before going to sleep, and leave for 120 seconds for optimal absorption.


    Month one/two: CBD Sleep Plasters – 24 pieces x 15mg (360mg)

    CBD patches are an effective and pleasant way to absorb CBD into your body, and avoid the vegetable taste of CBD in your mouth.

    CBD patches are regularly combined with the CBG dream oil. The patches can release CBD for up to 36 hours, so even while you sleep you can enjoy the magical effects of CBD.

    Application: Before going to sleep, stick a plaster on a non-haired area. Preferably, inside the upper arm. After attaching, press firmly.


    Month three: CBD sleeping oil – 5% (500mg)

    This CBD sleep oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil and has a unique, relaxing terpene profile. This oil has been specially developed to support sleep.

    Usage: Always shake well before use, 4-5 drops under the tongue before going to sleep. Leave for 120 seconds for optimal recording.


    Month three/four: CBD patches with lavender essential therapy – 30 pieces x 15mg (450mg)

    Traditionally, the lavender plant has been known to have a relaxing and calming effect. When the olfactory system detects the scent of lavender, you feel at peace. Lavender is calming, and soothing and helps with depression. This in combination with CBD makes this a mighty sleep/relaxation patch.

    Application: Before going to sleep, stick a plaster on a non-haired area. Preferably, inside the upper arm. After attaching, press firmly.


    Month five: Ultima Bio CBD with Melatonin – 2% (200mg)

    Ultima Bio is a water-soluble CBD with melatonin. Traditional CBD oil is only absorbed in 6-12%. The rest of the CBD is often burnt before it can make a difference. Due to our active+ formula, this water-soluble CBD is up to 10 times more effective and 100% absorbed. This CBD, therefore, has a high bioavailability.

    This 2% CBD is therefore comparable to a 20% CBD oil. Melatonin is also a perfect supplement for supporting sleep.

    UseAlways shake extra GOOD before use. When using it for the first time, press hard once to release the lock. Pump twice in a glass with water before going to bed. Stir and drink.


    Month six: Daily Balance CBD – 4% (400mg)

    Daily Balance CBD is a full-spectrum CBD rich in various terpenes. Curcumin is also added to promote overall health. Daily Balance is our most ordered CBD product across Europe along with Knock Out.

    Like Ultima Bio, this is a water-soluble CBD that is absorbed up to 10 times better than traditional CBD. However, this is 4%, which can therefore be compared to a 40% CBD oil.

    UseShake well before use. Start with 1 dose in a glass of water before bedtime.


    How long does the full-recharge sleep package last?

    Approximately 5-6 months. That amounts to EUR 35-29 per month to find the most effective product for your body, sleep and energy.


    Why order at SleepBD?

    1. A fast and good contact for questions or comments.
    2. Organic CBD products are close to nature and at a fair price.
    3. All our products are produced under ISO 22000 certification.
    4. Unique CBD products, in terms of absorption, effectiveness and terpene profile.
    5. Honest and personal advice on your situation.


    Do you have a guarantee?

    We guarantee that if you continue as you are now, there will be no change in the quality of your sleep and energy.

    We also guarantee that our products are organically grown and contain the greatest variety of relaxing terpenes as well as being unique in their effectiveness. Finally, we guarantee that you will not find the price/quality that we offer anywhere.



    If you have any questions, you can always email us or call us at OR +31 6 149 860 71

    Customer Reviews

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    CBD er en forkortelse for cannabidiol. En af over 100+ naturligt forekommende cannabinoidforbindelser, der findes i marihuana og hamp.

    Du kender sikkert THC, som er de mest berømte forbindelser, der findes i marihuana.

    Men som den næstmest forekommende cannabinoid i marihuana og den øverste ikke-psykoaktive cannabinoid, der findes i hamp, har CBD fået stor opmærksomhed i det videnskabelige samfund og medierne på grund af dens sundhedsmæssige fordele.

    I modsætning til THC er CBD ikke psykoaktivt. Med andre ord er det ikke det, der giver dig en høj eller skæv følelse.

    Source 1.

    Kort og godt: nej.

    Studier har vist, at selv høje niveauer af CBD ikke giver en høj eller skæv følelse.

    Alle vores hampekstraktprodukter er fremstillet af industrihamp med et THC-indhold på under 0,05 %. Der er ingen berusende effekt ved at tage vores produkter.

    Source 1.

    Ja, det er stadig sikkert at køre bil. CBD påvirker ikke din reaktionstid.

    En undersøgelse viser, at der efter indtagelse ikke var nogen forventet reduktion i reaktionstiden hos de fleste testpersoner.

    I lyset af denne konklusion kan vi ikke anbefale dette produkt som et egnet middel til at opnå hurtigere eller langsommere reaktioner på en visuel stimulus, som derefter kan bruges i forskellige sportsgrene eller ved kørsel.


    En undersøgelse viser, at der efter indtagelse ikke var nogen forventet reduktion i reaktionstiden hos de fleste forsøgspersoner.

    I lyset af denne konklusion kan vi ikke anbefale dette produkt som et egnet middel til at opnå hurtigere eller langsommere reaktioner på en visuel stimulus, som derefter kan anvendes til forskellige sportsgrene eller til bilkørsel.


    Da hver person er unik, er det svært at fastsætte en forudbestemt måling, der er perfekt for alle.

    For at finde ud af, hvad den rigtige dosis CBD er, skal du blot begynde at tage det.

    Gluksuriøst nok er CBD fuldstændig sikkert og vil aldrig forårsage farlige eller uønskede virkninger, når det 'overdoseres'. Men logisk og økonomisk set er der ingen grund til at indtage mere end nødvendigt.

    Startdoseringen afhænger af det valgte produkt. Vi anbefaler altid at starte med den minimumsdosis, der er angivet på etiketten. Dette giver den minimale mængde CBD, der er nødvendig for at opleve de magiske virkninger af CBD.

    Er du ikke sikker på, hvilken dosis du skal tage?

    Vi giver dig gerne råd om alle vores CBD-produkter.

    Du kan kontakte os her, ringe til os på +31 6 149 860 71 (vi taler hollandsk, engelsk og tysk) eller sende en e-mail til os på, hvor vi kan besvare spørgsmål på alle sprog.

    Som med alle andre stoffer kan du tage mere CBD, end din krop kan klare. Undersøgelser viser, at doser på op til 1.500 milligram om dagen er blevet godt tolereret, men hver person er forskellig.


    Når du tager en medicin eller et andet stof, skal din krop metabolisere det, dvs. nedbryde det. Lægemiddelmetabolismen sker i hele kroppen, f.eks. i tarmen, men leveren gør også en stor del af arbejdet.

    En familie af enzymer kaldet cytochrom P450 (CYP450)Trusted Source udfører det vigtige arbejde med at omdanne fremmede stoffer, så de nemt kan elimineres fra kroppen.

    Men nogle lægemidler eller stoffer påvirker CYP450, enten ved at bremse eller fremskynde lægemiddelmetabolismen. Denne ændring i stofskiftehastigheden kan ændre, hvordan din krop behandler den medicin eller de kosttilskud, du tager - og dermed en lægemiddelinteraktion.

    CYP450-familien af enzymer er ansvarlig for at metabolisere flere cannabinoider, herunder CBD, undersøgelser viser. CYP3A4, et vigtigt enzym inden for CYP450-familien, udfører opgaven. Men under denne proces forstyrrer CBD også CYP3A4.

    Enzymet CYP3A4 er ansvarlig for at metabolisere ca. 60 procent af den klinisk ordinerede medicin. Men hvis CBD hæmmer CYP3A4, kan det ikke arbejde lige så effektivt for at nedbryde medicinen i dit system.

    Det omvendte kan også ske. Mange medikamenter hæmmer CYP3A4. Hvis du så tager CBD, mens du er på disse lægemidler, kan din krop ikke arbejde for at behandle CBD lige så effektivt.

    Hvis din krop metaboliserer en medicin for langsomt, kan du have mere medicin i dit system på én gang end tilsigtet - selv om du har holdt dig til din normale dosis. Et øget niveau af en medicin i dit system kan overdrive dens virkninger, herunder uønskede eller skadelige bivirkninger.

    Nogle stoffer fremskynder også CYP450-enzymfamiliens arbejde. Hvis din krop metaboliserer en medicin for hurtigt, fordi et andet stof inducerer enzymerne, har du måske ikke nok af medicinen i dit system på én gang til at behandle et helbredsproblem.

    Hvis du ønsker at prøve CBD som en tillægsbehandling for at lindre symptomerne på en bestemt tilstand, skal du tale med din læge om det først.

    Selv om vores produkter overholder den føderalt fastsatte THC-grænse på 0,05% THC i tørvægt, er der en lille ændring i, at det vil dukke op, men det betyder, at en positiv test er mulig.

    Drugstests er ikke ensartede, og THC-grænsen, der vil give et positivt resultat, er strengere i nogle tests end andre.

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